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About Us | William C Jordan

William C. Jordan

Founder and President of WCJ, Inc.

Mr. Jordan enlisted in the US Marine Corp November 18, 1941 at the age of fifteen. After serving three years in the Pacific area as a combat Marine during World War II, he was honorably discharged on November 18, 1945.

Mr. William C. Jordan holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Los Angeles State College, as well as a Master's of Science degree from the Universithy of Southern California

Special Education

Anti-Terrorist School, Special Weapons, Detective, Vice, Organized Crime, Anti-riot, Homicide Investigation, Intelligence, Personal Protection and many others.

These special schools were conducted by the Federal Government, the military, Los Angeles Police Department and Sheriff's office.

Work Experience

After spending two years on the Beverly Hills Police Department, he joined LAPD, graduating as the number one Honor Graduate in his class at the Police Academy in May of 1954.

Then came Patrol, Administrative Vice (organized vice, city-wide jurisdiction) Intelligence Division (organized crime, city-wide jurisdiction), robbery, homicide, burglary, frauds and some other assignments. While at Intelligence Division, he was assigned to numerous personal protection assignments: Madam Nu and her daughter from Viet Nam, Hubert Humphrey, Jack Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Lyndon Johnson to name a few.

Before John Kennedy's assassination, secret service was not assigned to protect Presidential candidates running for office. He did security for Senator John Kennedy during the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles when he was nominated as the Democratic Party's candidate for president. While at Intelligence, the Secret Service requested him to assist in President Kennedy's security. Intelligence Division usually assisted secret service when a President was in town.

As a Detective Sergeant, he was the nightwatch commander at Rampart Detectives when Senator Robert Kennedy was shot by Sirhan Sirhan. Ninety percent of the interrogation of Sirhan was done by Jordan. The special unit, set up by LAPD to investigate the killing, Special Unit Senator, or SUS, included Jordan as one of the hand picked top investigators on the department. He worked over a year in SUS. His testimony was instrumental in convicting Sirhan. Jordan received written commendations from the District Attorney, Evelle Younger, and the Ass't D.A., Lynn Compton, as well as from Chief of Detectives, Robert Houghton.

During his illustrious police career, Jordan received numerous commendations from the US Government ie; Treasury, Drug Enforcement, US Attorney's office, Secret Service and other Law Enforcement Agencies including Scotland Yard in London.

The past twenty some years, Jordan has headed his own investigative company, WCJ, Inc. His experience enabled him to put together one of the most professional problem-solving organizations in existence on a worldwide basis.

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