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Background Checks

Background Checks

Whether you need a background check for business, legal, personal, or insurance purposes, background checks are an imperative investigative tool for numerous reasons. Putting a person in the context of their personal history can help you verify information to perform the critical "due diligence" investigative research you need to make informative decisions when necessary.

WCJ, Inc. uses state-of-the-art resources and techniques to obtain all types of background information for our clients. Our licensed investigators have been conducting background checks since 1974. Police and government organizations trained many of our background check specialists.

We have the extensive experience needed to conduct the most accurate and cost effective searches available. Our specific background check specialties include but not limited to:

Employee background checks give you the opportunity to evaluate both potential and current employees depending on your needs. You can also order a background check on a business partner.

Personal background checks uncover information about a person's character and past. Often used in relationship situations, a background investigation tells you if someone is being honest about their past. They are also used for domestic help screening such as associates, nannies, housekeepers, and personal assistants. Know who is in your home and in your personal life.